Assessment Services

When your child struggles, early diagnosis and treatment can result in optimal outcomes. As your child grows, periodic re-assessment assists in monitoring treatment progress and fine-tuning recommendations. Therefore, Dr. Davis currently offers assessment and diagnostic services for children 12 months to 22 years old. Dr. Davis conducts developmental, psychoeducational, Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE), and neuropsychological assessments. She recognizes that each child exhibits a unique combination of strengths and challenges, which requires careful consideration in order to provide the most useful recommendations for therapies and other treatments.

Each assessment consists of a parent interview appointment (approximately 60 minutes) followed by several appointments for direct testing with the child (2-6 hours total).  Several weeks following the last testing session and when all records are received, parents are provided a one hour feedback session.  During this feedback session, Dr. Davis provides feedback in person to the parents about the child’s development, skills, and struggles. She also discusses recommendations for therapies and what parents and teachers can do to assist the child in maximizing his or her potential.  Additionally, parents receive a written report that documents the entire process and that can serve as a ‘road map’ for how to help their child.

Dr. Davis will need a significant amount of information about your child prior to beginning the assessment process. You can begin the process by completing this document: Start Here. This documents contain form fields that will allow you to type your responses. You will need a pdf reader to open and complete them. You can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat pdf reader from:

Please submit the documents via fax to (702) 776-8548 or mail to:  Rachel E. Davis, PhD, PC; 7341 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste 140; Las Vegas, NV 89117. Remember to save the forms to your computer and save frequently when filling out the forms!

If you wish to submit the forms and other information via secured, encrypted email please contact Dr. Davis at (702) 776-8990 and provide your email address. Dr. Davis will send you an encrypted email through Crypt-n-Send. You can respond to that email to submit encrypted emails to Dr. Davis.

Additionally, you will need to read and sign informed consents at your first session. To read these documents prior to your session for the Private Pay option:  click here. Do not sign these documents as they will be discussed at your first session. Dr. Davis will also go over these documents and answer any questions you may have about them at your first session.

Dr. Davis is no longer a Medicaid Fee For Service provider